Welcome to the website of Pendle Lodge No. 4703

Bro Mark Barlow W.M.

Bro. Mark Barlow W.M. 2014-15

This website is available to the members of Pendle Lodge, and Freemasons in general, to use as a resource and a tool to learn more about Freemasonry, and communicate what is happening within their Lodge and the masonic district of Burnley & Pendle. 

For non-Masons we hope the site reveals a little more about the organisation, allowing you to appreciate the place of Freemasonry in society today, and what we do in our local communities. 

The pages are numerous and varied, and provide information on but a few aspects of Freemasonry. The history of Pendle Lodge is detailed, along with pages on our charitable activities and the social side of the craft. 

There are several links from this site that direct you to even more information regarding Freemasonry in the Burnley & Pendle district and The United Grand Lodge of England.

I invite any interested party to explore the site and make a comment, hopefully it may spark an interest in the fraternity and encourage you to explore Freemasonry further, or even become a Freemason yourself and join the many good men of Burnley, Nelson & Colne, that are members of Pendle Lodge.

Mark Barlow W.M.