Pendle Lodge launches new website.

Well here it is at last, Pendle Lodge’s own website. It’s taken quite a while and a lot of work to get here, plus an enormous learning curve on websites and blog management. If that means nothing to you don’t worry, this WordPress based website is probably one of the easiest and simple to navigate and work with.  It is hoped to use this website to promote Pendle Lodge and Freemasonry in Nelson. We have included the facility to make comments on articles so that idea’s and opinions can be communicated. You will also find the facility to add photo gallery’s to event posts so that we can all see what a great time the members of Pendle Lodge have at various events. On the serious side there is a password protected area for members information, this can be anything from the latest summons to the entire Pendle Lodge version of the ritual if that’s what we want.  There is a separate page for Charity which can be used at the discretion of the Charity Steward and to keep everyone up to speed on the current 2015 festival. The secretary can have his own page to host downloads and current  Grand and Provincial communications. Plus other pages to promote the lodge building here at Bradshaw Street and membership of the Lodge.

It’s still in its infancy and will require a lot of work from not just the editor but from all of you, the brethren. The more members involved submitting articles, images and comments the better. Get into the habit of taking your camera to lodge meetings or social events, check out the website on a daily basis to see whats happening, comment on the latest post, or just spend a little time getting up to date with whats going on.

What do you think, go on leave a comment.


9 thoughts on “Pendle Lodge launches new website.

  1. Its not true Brethren, that is not a photo of your Charity Steward, he is a handsome guy with a grey beard, do we have an intruder and cowan to Masonry?!


  2. hi Brethren Great News, it looks as we may have more guests for Ladies night 5th March, 6 or more this would takes us to 140 in all, Woo!, its going to be a good night from 6 PM to 2 AM, I am going into training so I can last the night. Lets have fun and make new friends and look after the friends of today also give a thought to absent ones


  3. Oh Dear Bob, what has Nigel done unleashing you on the world wide web?
    Actually I have to say congratulations on the new website – Hope it goes well and gets the message out to those who need to see what it really is all about.

    Dave T


    1. Wow that was quick Dave. Thanks for the comment. Pendle Lodge is trying hard to get into the 21st century and bring modern methods to the problems of communication and recruitment. Fingers crossed brother.


  4. Hi Bob
    Owing to other things only got round to looking at the website this afternoon. It is absolutely fab, just what I was hoping for. Like your idea of the Secretary’s page. Have produced a leaflet and have included website address on that – will bring it Thursday and get a few comments from the lads ie good or bad. In the meantime will write a welcome page.
    PS Can’t wait to see a mentors website.- only joking. I am sure that if it is 1/2 as good as this we will have a winner on our hands.


    1. John

      Have a look at the Gravatar post and get yourself sorted with an image to accompany each of your comments. Jim Mcnally and I have both done it. It provides an immediate identity to the writer of the comment.
      Thanks for the kind words. This site will only ever be as good as the contributions made by all those who subscribe to it. Lets hope the brethren embrace it and make full use of its facilities.


        1. Hi Mark, thanks for those positive comments. I’m sure the more members use this site the better it will become. Regarding the picture, are you talking about an image for upload to Gravatar?


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