Lecture & Open Forum 10th March 2011

March’s Lodge meeting is set to be a lecture and open forum. The evening will be a great opportunity to discuss aspects of the first degree ceremony under the guidance and direction of a lecture. Masonic visitors are welcome to attend the forum and especially newer masons who will find the evening most interesting. The forum will be lead by John Hudson who has a talk prepared for the occasion, so if you don’t know why we do certain things in the lodge, March will be your chance to find out why. The members of Pendle Lodge make no charge for the social board to Masonic visitors from other lodges. If you intend visiting would you please make contact with the secretary or alternatively leave a comment here please.  

3 thoughts on “Lecture & Open Forum 10th March 2011

  1. Well the second practise was a heck of lot clearer. Everyone seemed to know what was going on and the past masters who acted as candidate and Junior Deacon made a lot of difference to the proceedings. Next Thursday’s question time should be an eye opener.


  2. Agreed the first practice was a different and great, to take on for the first time some think of this nature in the lodge is exciting and I really looking forward to taking part and learning a more about the things we see and do in our ceremonies lets make this work


  3. Well the first practice was a bit different. This is the first time we have done anything if this nature in the lodge and I for one are really looking forward to learning a little more about the things we see and do in our ceremonies.


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