Kevin Pickering to Trek India 2011

Bro Kevin Pickering is stepping up for the Trek India 2011 Challenge, a fundraising adventure of a lifetime in support of patients of The Yorkshire Cancer Centre. Kevin is 57, a MM at Pendle lodge and an ex serving armed forces non- commissioned officer of 22yrs. He will be donning his walking boots for a 5 day trek in the Indian Himalayas as part of a 9 day challenge to raise a minimum of £3000 for the centre.

Kevin says: I decided to take part in the challenge without the need to think about it when hearing of a fellow WBro who, whilst raising funds for the same challenge, sadly lost is wife to the illness whilst being treated at the centre. Adventure sports are in my blood, as I spent some years as an instructor in outward bound pursuits. I know what is involved and think I have what it takes to complete this challenge. I have been a Freemason for 3 yrs at Pendle Lodge and in that time have learnt to appreciate the benefits of giving charitably at given opportunities. I may have come in a bit late to raise the minimum £3000 but was willing at the outset to make up for it from my own expenses. I have received generous commitments and donations from Family, Friends, workmates and lodge members alike. My fitness challenge is underway and I am pleased to say that my only problem is the odd twinge in my knees. How lucky am I. This challenge also allows us to make new friends and be part of a supporting group. It brings together people of all ages from all works of life but with a common goal.

The Yorkshire Cancer Centre is aiming to raise £10M to advance medical research, buy the latest generation equipment and provide more home from home comforts to patients, their families and friends.

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