“Lets Talk Masonry” Conference 16th April 2011

The successful series of ‘Let’s Talk Masonry’ conferences is entering its third year with the title of ‘Ritual Unravelled’, and will be held at the Hemsley House, Salford Masonic Hall. A poster promoting the conference and an application form is available. Details are also available on the Provincial website. Feedback from previous conferences has been very positive with comments such as “An outstanding day”, “An excellent source of learning and understanding” and, “First class content and delivery – superb”. We have also used feedback and requests from previous attendees to develop the theme and content for the day.

The conference will appeal to masons at all levels from the most recent initiate to accomplished past Masters. The informal atmosphere and social side of the day provide an excellent opportunity to meet other masons from this and our neighbouring Provinces and debate the concepts and ideas presented. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis and will be limited to ensure an excellent experience for each delegate.

There will be papers presented by notable experts including VWBro Rev Neville Barker Cryer, PGChap, exploring the meaning and symbolism within the ritual and giving understanding of the whole masonic system. Small interactive group sessions (where delegates will have the opportunity to choose three from five to attend during the day) encourage contribution to the discussion and will explore the ‘magic’ within Freemasonry that captures our imagination, the understanding of ritual – its delivery and interpretation, the lost secrets of the Craft, the relationship between the Craft and the Royal Arch and much more.

The Provincial Grand Master, RWBro Jack Price, will be attending and is particularly keen to welcome newer masons to the conference, who will no doubt be supported by others from their Lodges. His hope is that we have an enjoyable and stimulating day, interact with each other and brethren from our surrounding Provinces and positively gain an improved understanding of Freemasonry that will benefit ourselves as well as enabling us to share our new-found knowledge with our colleagues.

2 thoughts on ““Lets Talk Masonry” Conference 16th April 2011

  1. This conference really is a must attend event. Its on Saturday 16th April and I will be making the journey over to Salford Masonic Hall to take part. Anyone who would like a lift on the day please let me know, I particularly recommend this to the newer brethren among us as you will learn so much from the experience.
    John Hudson still has a few tickets available.


  2. I wouldn’t miss this for the world. I’ve attended the previous two and on each occasion have come away with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Stuff you would never pick up in a life time of masonry. If any member fancies a trip over to Salford Masonic Hall with me then get the application form downloaded and sent off. Lunch is even included in the price along with a full set of lecture notes, I guarantee you wont be disappointed. I believe John Hudson our secretary also has some tickets available.


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