Oration at March meeting hailed a success

Well there is always a first for everything, and March’s meeting was certainly that for Pendle Lodge. W.Bro John Hudson presented an oration of the first degree ceremony which included the use of volunteer officers to demonstrate certain aspects of the ceremony plus the WM, Wardens and IG had a role to play.  It certainly sparked the interest of the 30 or so brethren in attendance.

A stream of questions erupted from the floor, followed by answers and observations from every corner. It was amazing to hear some of the explanations and answers from the brethren. Interestingly there appeared always to be more than one answer to every question posed. Various views were expressed and counter proposals explained to the interest of everyone present.

The brethren certainly had a good evening and agreed that we should have more meetings of this nature to learn about our craft and explain many of its aspects. W.Bro John Hudson and his volunteer’s were thanked by the WM and the brethren for their work in explaining just a fraction of what the first degree contains.

They say you should make a daily advancement in masonic knowledge, well I think we all had a least a months worth  at this meeting.

2 thoughts on “Oration at March meeting hailed a success

  1. This oration by W.Bro John Hudson of the first degree ceremony which included the use of volunteer officers to demonstrate certain aspects of the ceremony was an excellent piece work by you John, I congratulate you for your hard work and teaching us more about freemasonry well done to you and all


  2. The oration by Worshipful Bro Hudson was nothing short of excellent I and all the brethren that sat with me at the social board thought the whole evening was absolutely splendid, well done to John and all that took part


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