£343 added to Scouts Jamboree fund

Gavin, Jake and Matthew, Scouts from St Cuthbert’s troop, are going to the 2011 International Jamboree in Sweden, and the recent Quiz night held at Nelson Masonic Hall made the journey one step closer. All three lads have to raise just short of £1900 each to attend the three-week experience of a life time. It was explained that scouts from the richer European Countries subsidised fellow Scouts from Africa and poorer countries, some of which will only pay £200 or even less. They will all have the same experience and opportunities whilst at the Jamboree. What a wonderful way of bringing young people together.

The quiz consisted of 8 rounds of general knowledge questions, plus a picture round and a music round, the Quiz master, Roy Langtree, set a fair level for the questions and most needed some thought. There was plenty of support for the evening with the majority of teams being parents of St Cuthbert’s Scouts, but it was also good to see several of the brethren of Pendle Lodge taking part.

A supper of pie & peas was served with the usual accompaniment of pickled onions and red cabbage, this is where Gavin, Jack and Matthew earned their stripes acting as stewards for the evening. A long list of thank you’s was announced including Debbie Barlow for the peas and red cabbage, Roy Langtree for the quiz and several masons who were unable to attend but had donated to the fund. The evening ended with the raffle draw, and again Gavin, Jack and Matthew organised the drawing of tickets and prizes. They announced that the quiz night now left them with less than £100 each to find before the big day. I don’t think they’ll have any difficulty in finding that.

As a group of young men they come across as very confident and well organised and a credit to the organisation they represent. There going to have a great time at the Jamboree.

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