Demonstration Team wows Pendle Lodge members.

Pendle Lodge’s April meeting turned into an amazing evening. The Worshipful Master Jim McNally welcomed the Pendle Lodge Demonstration team to perform the first and second sections of the first degree lectures as a catechetical on the floor of the Lodge.

The team consisting of Ian Salthouse, Mark Barlow, Kevin Pickering and the newest member of the lodge Glynn Lund wowed members of Pendle Lodge at April’s meeting. The team, under the leadership of W.Bro Ron Atherton have spent the last few months not only learing their lines but also picking up on how to present the catechetical to a very high standard. No one member could be picked out for praise as they all performed admirably.

Pendle Lodge has presented the 7 lectures in the first degree for many years and the demonstration team is always made up of junior brethren before they make it to the floor of the Lodge. This teamwork gives them an amazing amount of experience of masonic ritual and movement on the floor and puts them in good stead for future offices in the Lodge. One of the longest sections of the second section of the lecture involves one of the team reciting the first degree obligation in its entirety, and all of this from our Junior brethren.

The unfortunate aspect of the evening was that there was only one visitor to the Lodge. It no way affected the team’s performance but for those who usually attend Pendle Lodge you missed an incredible performance.

John Hudson, the W.Master of Pendleside Lodge of Installed Masters invited the team to perform at the next Pendleside meeting, and I’m sure they will be seen by many more brethren from the district on that occasion.

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