Shane travels 460 miles to attend April’s Lodge

Bro. Shane Pearson last attended the Lodge in 2008 but recently he was able to renew his membership and make the 230 mile journey from Lakenheath to Nelson for April’s meeting. Shane is still a fellowcraft freemason and is looking forward to becoming a Master Mason in September this year. The meeting was dominated by the Demonstration Team and Shane commented that in all likelihood he would have been a member of that team if he had remained in the Nelson area.  New to be father, Shane wanted to return home after the meeting to be with his partner. So after the meeting he set off back to Lakenheath and arrived back home in the late hours of the morning.

It was great to see him again and all the members welcomed him back to the lodge. If you want to attend his raising ceremony he will be back in September, hopefully he will stay over and not have to travel 460 miles in one go.

One thought on “Shane travels 460 miles to attend April’s Lodge

  1. It was a pleasure to attend the lodge and see the Brethren again after such a long time and I look forward to my raising. I will remain a member of Pendle Lodge and will be joining a lodge closer to home so I can progress.


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