Demonstration team set the bar

“Amazing”, “Incredible Performance”, “Feast of Masonic Ritual” Just a few of the statements made by the visitors and members of the Pendleside Lodge of Installed Masters at their August meeting.

Pendle Lodge demonstration team

The reason for such lively and positive comments was due to the performance of the Pendle Lodge junior brethren demonstration team who delivered in catechetical the first two sections of the first degree lectures, of which there are seven parts, It was a pleasure to witness. The four members of the team consisting of Ian Salthouse, Mark Barlow, Kevin Pickering and Glyn Lund, who was only raised in May this year, demonstrated an excellent display of masonic ritual for the August meeting. Ron Atherton the team director and previous member had little work to do as they delivered an almost flawless performance, and remember this was only their second outing of the season. Many of the brethren having never witnessed this type of performance on the square previously.

The packed lodge room was spellbound by the delivery and you could have heard a pin drop during the proceedings. WM John Hudson, who is also the secretary of Pendle Lodge, and therefore had a vested interest in seeing his fellow Pendle Lodge brethren do well was delighted with their performance.

Buffet dinner at social board

A buffet dinner including a salad and cup cakes was heartily consumed after the meeting with plenty of banter and talk of other visits and performances in the pipeline.

The Pendle Lodge demonstration team has been in existence for almost 30 years as and when brethren have been available to work the lectures, with many of the current lodge brethren being past members. Their quality of ritual and standard of delivery has always been exemplary due to the time and effort displayed by all the team members and the support they receive from the lodge.  

Congratulations to the Pendle Lodge demonstration team, they have certainly set the bar

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2 thoughts on “Demonstration team set the bar

  1. wow! well done team great news and Congratulations I said you are impressive.
    James McNally Wm



  2. Well done chaps. Having been a past member of the team I remember the incredible buzz you get when it all goes well. Trust you know what I mean. I’m sure there will be plenty of interest from other lodges to continue your perfomances. Congratulations once again, your going to be hard to beat.


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