Shane makes Master Mason at last

It’s the norm for a Pendle Lodge mason to take his time to get through to his third degree, but in Shanes case it’s been over three years. His passing took place in 2007 and only now has he managed to achieve his goal of Master Mason. The reason being he moved away from the Nelson area and ended up in Lakenheath several years ago. He managed to get himself sorted with a new job, and not only that a new partner and a baby due in a few weeks time. Talk about life changing events.

L-R Jim McNally WM, Shane Pearson, Ian Salthouse SD

Anyway, Shane once again made the 230 mile trip up the motorway to be with us and to be raised to the third degree, suffice it say the officers of the lodge and those taking part in the ceremony played their parts extremely well and Shane experienced one of the finest delivered third degree ceremonies seen in Pendle Lodge for some time. Our guests from Wenning Lodge had a great night at the social board with lots of banter and mockery regarding burnt peas. To be honest they didn’t taste too bad at all with the meat pie. 

The Pendle Lodge “Canadian Redwood” whisky appeared in the Raffle for the first time this season and as tradition dictates the winner Glyn Lund duly signed the label and returned it to the JW. The tradition stems from the fact that the whisky is the foulest tasting stuff you could possibly imagine and nobody wants to drink it. By my reckoning this single bottle must have raised thousands of pounds over the years for charity.  

Pendle Lodge Officers

Shane promised to keep in touch with the Lodge and pay regular visits to this website, its his intention to become a country member of Pendle Lodge and join another masonic lodge in his home town, of which there are several. Maybe a trip down south is on the cards.

More pictures from the evening can be found on the Picture Galleries page or by clicking here

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2 thoughts on “Shane makes Master Mason at last

  1. It was a good night, as DC I had little to do, which is how I like it. Well done to everyone who stood in as officers and thank you to all the team for a practiced and well delivered ceremony.


    1. Thank you to all the brethren who practised so hard to make my raising a perfect ceremony. I look forward to my next visit and hopefully seeing many of you visiting the lodge I decide to join down south. Thanks to WBro Summers for his hospitality, giving me a bed for the night.


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