Widows Sons Chapter looking for Motorcycling Masons

The Widows Sons Chapter of motorcycling Freemasons is looking to attract new members from the North West area. I know we have quite a few motorcycle owners within the province and certainly one or two within Pendle Lodge. You may find the advertorial below of interest.

The North West Chapter of the Widow’s Son

Any Brother who is also a motorcyclist and may be interested in finding out about The Widow’s Sons Masonic Bikers, there is now a new a Chapter which was recently formed in the North West. The Widows Sons is an association of Freemasons who enjoy a passion for motorbikes. We are members of the oldest and largest fraternity in the world, and we have extended our Masonic fellowship and passion for motorbikes into the Widows Sons Masonic Bikers Association. The Widows Sons reached Great Britain in 2004, and there are several chapters throughout Great Britain. Members are now being sought throughout the North West with respect to joining us. So as long as you are a Master Mason and in good standing in your lodge and have a motorbike of over 500cc or a classic motorbike, please contact our secretary for more information giving your Name, Lodge, Address, Telephone Number and E-Mail address.

Read the press release here.

Bro. Norman Corke (Secretary)
46 Chester Avenue,
Tel: 01257 267287 or 07794030182
E-Mail: ncorke@gmail.com

All are very welcome.

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