New Pages added to site

There are two new pages that have been added to the site. One is still under construction, but will feature the working ritual of the lodge. If all goes to plan the ritual will be available as a pdf download along with several sections of workings that Pendle Lodge uses within various ceremonies. It is intended to be a live document so that if any past master spots an error or irregularity then it can be corrected real-time. At some stage we can have the document printed into book form.

The second page is called Duties and provides downloadable pdf documents that explain the duties and lodge expectations of the principal officers of the lodge. Intended as a guide to their duties and what is expected of them as they experience their year in office.

One thought on “New Pages added to site

  1. I look forward to learning them. I am sure these will be of great help. Fraternal greetings to all the members of 4703.


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