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Freemasonry Today MagazineThe Official Journal of the United Grand Lodge of England, well that’s what it says on the front of the magazine that has just dropped through not only mine but your letterbox too recently.  Dont be tempted to treat it with the same disdain as the usual junk mail that is delivered on a regular basis, as this item of post is far from being junk. I don’t know if you are aware but the magazine was launched as the independent voice of Freemasonry several years ago and you had to subscribe to receive it. Even then it was a good read with articles outside the norm of Grand Lodge, it had a sensible and interesting format with articles from across the globe encompassing Freemasonry and also associated items of interest. It was certainly worth receiving.

When it was announced that the then official magazine MQ magazine would be discontinued and Freemasonry Today would be the new official journal the usual thoughts of quality being compromised, fresh ideas and the global outlook would be lost and replaced with the official looking and sounding comments found in MQ, but this has not been the case. United Grand Lodge have played a master stroke and combined both magazines effectively to produce an enjoyable read, encompassing all things masonic both at a local, national and international level. It’s a publication that I regularly hand to friends and even leave in the Doctors waiting room when I’m there. funny enough I never see the magazine in the same waiting room, I’d like to think that some interested person has taken it home.

So there you have it “Freemasonry Today” magazine. A surprisingly good quarterly publication worth waiting for. In fact not only is it delivered direct to your door it’s also available electronically on your computer screen. Click here to read the current online version.  

Oh, and the idea of leaving the magazine in likely locations and handing it to other non masons is also mentioned in the current issue, must be a good idea then.

4 thoughts on “Freemasonry Today Magazine

  1. Thats an interesting comment, thanks Shane, but what makes you think its purely a Masonic publication, it is available publicly via subscription to anyone. Do you not think its an effective method to present masonry and what its about to the public at large?
    Interested in your opinion, and anyone else’s for that matter.


    1. Hello,I might have rushed to an opinion. I tend to want to keep all things masonic close to the chest. If it would attract positive attention and new interest then yes I must agree.


      1. Its great to get a first off impression of a subject before reality kicks in, don’t worry. My initial reaction was similar to yours but thinking about it Freemasonry Today magazine is a great platform from which to promote the craft. I presume now you have made it to Master Mason you should start to receive your copy. Alternatively check out the on line version from this post.
        Enjoy yourself on Thursday visiting a new lodge. Do you remember how to give greetings?


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