W.M. goes for the double, in more ways than one

It’s not everyday you have the opportunity to become the Worshipful Master in your Lodge, but our very own Jim McNally has managed to achieve far more than just that. This coming Installation in November he will be the first WM of Pendle Lodge to remain in the position for a second term of office. Several past masters have served a second term as Worshipful Master but not concurrently. A double achievement. But not many of you may be aware that the following month of December Jim will also be installed as WM of Queens Jubilee Lodge, again a first for any master to be in office in two Lodges in the same Masonic Hall at the same time. You could say a double, double achievement, if there is such a thing. Congratulations to Jim McNally and I’m sure there will be a memorable double ladies evening in the coming season.

3 thoughts on “W.M. goes for the double, in more ways than one

  1. Let me be among the many to congratulate our W.M. Jim McNally on his Installation into the Chair of Queens Jubilee Lodge 2193. The ceremony of installation was performed by W.Bro Keith Schofield with the Representative of the Deputy Provincial Grand Master being W.Bro Alexander Sillars McLaren, and according to Jim a right good ceremony it was too. From reports the brethren had a wonderful evening and enjoyed more than one glass of wine. The festival of St John, as is the tradition in Queens Jubilee, takes place on Friday and will once again be a celebration of Jim’s installation.
    Well done and Congratulations on becoming W.M. of two fine lodges.


  2. Congratulations Jim and to everyone who took part in Thursdays Installation ceremony, although most of the credit, as we all well know, goes to our dear friend and brother Bryon Lingard, who even though he was full of a cold worked diligently to get through the ceremony. He wasn’t at his best, as he himself stated, but in all honesty it doesn’t get much better that what he delivered. It was great to see some of the Junior brethren moving up the ladder, especially Ian Salthouse who I know will do a great job as JW. The rest of the guys did themselves proud, especially in the delivery of the working tools and closing of the lodge, its a serious learning curve as the ceremony comes to a close and your doing it for real in front of the PGM representative, how tough is that. Bit of a panic with the caterer and the start with timings but in the end it all worked out very well. The food at the social board was excellent and received quite a few positive comments from the hungry brethren. Really pleased with how everything transpired and I hope your looking forward to your second year in office at Pendle Lodge plus your imminent Installation into Queens Jubilee Lodge. You dont do things by half do you.


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