Demonstration Team to perform at Silent Temple

The Pendle Lodge junior brethren demonstration team is back in action, this time demonstrating their skills and reciting, in catechetical format once again the first and second sections of the first degree lecture at Lodge of Silent Temple meeting, which will be held at Nelson House Masonic Hall Burnley on Tuesday 18th October at 7:00 pm. Our very own W.Bro Harold Pye, a past master of Silent Temple invited the team to perform their ritual at this  months meeting some time ago, and the guys, not wanting to miss an opportunity jumped at the chance. This outing will be their third performance and I’m sure that nerves are well behind them by now and that we can look forward to a well polished delivery of two sections of masonic ritual. The guys deserve your support on Tuesday and a good turn out of visitors from Pendle Lodge would be really appreciated. Good luck to the team on the night.

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2 thoughts on “Demonstration Team to perform at Silent Temple

  1. The brethren of Silent Temple received a wonderful display of masonic ritual last night at their lodge meeting. Well done chaps, bit of a tough one but a great display none the less. Roll on Skipton.


  2. Having seen the quality performance of the demonstration team I am sure it will be word perfect. I have visited a lodge in Bury St Edmunds and must say that Pendle Lodge is of a very high standard. I am proud to be a member of such a professional lodge. I wish the demonstration team the best of luck. I hope one day soon to be able to invite the team to the lodge I have joined down here so they to can experience this high quality.


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