Pendle Lodge New Years Eve Party -Cancelled-

Unfortunately due to a low turn out of revellers this years party has been cancelled. It would have taken only another 12 or so to buy tickets and it would have gone ahead. Thanks to those who planned on attending and I hope you all have a great New Years eve wherever you end up.

The social committee of Pendle Lodge invite you to another of their excellent New Years Eve Parties. To be held at the Masonic Lodge Bradshaw Street Nelson.

There will be a fantastic buffet during the evening along with a disco and lots of party merriment and mirth all for an amazing £10.00 per ticket. Oh, and the bar prices are not to be missed. Full details are available from Mark Barlow, Ian Salthouse or Kevin Pickering.

4 thoughts on “Pendle Lodge New Years Eve Party -Cancelled-

  1. The New Years eve party at Pendle Lodge is a fantastic night out. The ladies put on an amazing buffet, which if your still hungry at the end of it, theres something wrong with you. The lodge has been decorated with Christmas and festive baubles and really looks the part, don’t be daft and miss this evenings entertainment. Its a good one by all track records.


  2. Wonderful bar prices that can’t be beaten plus two of the best bar persons you are likely to meet. Come and have a wonderful night


  3. They certainly are, how are preparations going?. Don’t forget its early days yet when it comes to booking New Years Eve parties. You will get a lot of interest nearer the date.


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