Departed Merit – W.Bro Roberts Davies

Brethren, I am grateful for this opportunity to pay a tribute to W.Bro. Robert’s Davies and perhaps in some way to rectify an omission at his funeral service when so many worthy and distinguished masons paid their respects.

Robert’s was initiated into Pendle Lodge in 1984 and was a member for 27 years becoming Worshipful Master in 1995. As in his life outside masonry, as a commando, military policeman, police officer and an officer for the ministry of transport he was conscientious and dedicated. He was a regular at practices and attended lodges whenever possible. He regularly gave addresses at our Installation meetings. He joined other degrees and craft lodges and as in Pendle he took office and served in each. He served Pendle for many years as a working member of our social committee, and was also secretary and chaplain. Brethren, he earned and deserved his promotion to Past Prov. S.G.D.

Robert’s enjoyed his masonry and was a good example to all and a good friend to many. Pendle has lost one of its stalwarts as has masonry in general. We are sad to lose him. We should count ourselves fortunate to have had him as a friend and brother and we honour his memory.

Worshipful Bro. B.K. Ingham PPJGW

One thought on “Departed Merit – W.Bro Roberts Davies

  1. A very sad loss indeed, my first view of Roberts was sat in the JW chair as I sat on the front benches, usually the domain of newly entered brethren. He was as much an archetypal image of a Freemason as you could possibly imagine. I always remember his softly spoken words that held such authority and knowledge that everyone listened, and what amazed me was that every degree I joined Roberts Davies was already a member and in high office to boot. I can imagine his usual tot of whisky will be dispensed and placed on his table for quite a while to come yet.


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