Officers of the Lodge 2011-12 Photo

Actually it was a good idea of Steve Jansen to take an official lodge photograph of the all the officers at the Installation and not just the WM at the end of his year. The day worked out very well and it was a pleasure to welcome W.Bro Paul Aspinall as the representative. I know he had a great time with all the brethren.  The installing officers all played their part like the well oiled machine our past masters are, and the newly installed officers each conducted themselves very well. I’m sure they will be a little more polished at future practices.

The image is stored as a JPEG at 800 x 600 so will possibly take a while to open. Steve has also made available the full 9 mb resolution copy if you want a version of that, but you will have to request it and I will send it separately to your  e-mail inbox.

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