Marden within Pennine Valley Lodge

W.Bro Roy Langtree is once again on his travels, albeit not very far this time. He will be presenting his rendition of the second degree tracing board for the junior brethren of Marsden within Pennine Valley Lodge who meet at Bradshaw Street Masonic Hall Nelson this coming Tuesday the 22nd November. I’m sure he and the brethren of that Lodge would welcome your support and promise you a good night of Freemasonry to boot.

One thought on “Marden within Pennine Valley Lodge

  1. For some reason I thought Roy was delivering the second degree tracing board, when in fact it was the first degree that he delivered, and what a job he did of it too. Sorry if any Entered Apprentice brother missed the evening thinking he would have to retire. The evening went extremely well with the senior of the two brethren receiving his Master Masons certificate from Grand Lodge at the Secretary’s desk, explained in a fashion that I haven’t heard before by Martin Blades the DC of the Lodge.
    I tell you what, the caterer for Marsden within Pennine Lodge is hard to beat. The Steak & Kidney Pie with fresh vegetables we had last night were excellent. Another good idea that came out of the evening was that of having a joint Christmas dinner with other lodges. Looks like Marsden within Pennine and Brierfield Lodge will be sitting down together at their December meeting and having, if its the same caterer, a cracking Christmas dinner together. If your really clever you could get your name down on the list.


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