Changes to website layout

I don’t know if you have noticed but over the weekend I had the opportunity to make some planned changes to the way the website now looks. The list of latest posts now appears in the top right of the page, whilst the links and comments are now in the footer area at the bottom of the page. This change makes current posts more visible and easier to find as you read the page from left to right. The background colour has changed to white so that the entire page looks bigger and clearer. Finally you may also notice that some of the individual page banners have also changed to reflect each page more effectively. Watch out for more changes in the future as the website continues to grow and receives more visitors. I hope you find the changes appealing, if not and you have some suggestions please leave a comment.

One thought on “Changes to website layout

  1. Fraternal greetings, the changers are good. I trust all the brethren are in good health and spirit. I hope all enjoy the xmas meeting. Keep well and stay safe.


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