Christmas Hamper Raffle raises £233.00

The brethren had a really enjoyable practice night this Thursday and witnessed the Christmas Raffle Draw. The sum raised was £233.00 spread over several months, each hard-earned £ coin being deposited at almost every practice night. The brethren also had a supper of Cheese and biscuits accompanied by festive fruit cake.

The First Prize of a bumper Festive Hamper was won by John Hudson, with Mark Barlow and Jack Thompson picking up the other two hampers, with many more prizes being distributed amongst the brethren. By far the luckiest winner was Ian Salthouse, who is our Junior Warden and responsible for the whisky list at our Christmas festive board, he was in need of a bottle of whisky for next Thursday, and low and behold that was what he won. Congratulations to all the winners!

Keith Bateman is the new raffle master for the coming year and I’m sure he will receive the same support as Glyn Lund did during his.

Thank you for your support brethren

3 thoughts on “Christmas Hamper Raffle raises £233.00

  1. John Hudson certainly deserved to win with the vast amount of money he has paid in over the last few months.
    Pat Garaghty got the two best prizes though, – a CD of Katie Price and a CD of Russell Brand


    1. John
      The hamper looked really good on the night, what does Janice think, was it worth winnning in the end?


  2. By the sound of it the two big winners were John Hudson and Ian Salthouse, talk about luck of the Irish. Well done to both, maybe we will all end up winners if Ian does indeed bring his winning bottle of whisky for the Queens toast next week.


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