New Provincial Grand Master Announced

WBro Sir David Austin Trippier, RD, JP, DL, PAGSwdB recently announced as the new Provincial Grand Master for East Lancashire. Born in May 1945, Bury Grammer School Old Boy David Trippier became a Conservative MP and Member of Parliament for Rossendale from 1979 -83. He was knighted after he lost his House of Commons seat and appointed High Sheriff of Lancashire for 1997. He subsequently became the Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party’s Northern Board.  

Sir David Trippier joined Freemasonry in 1968 and was initiated in to Keystone Lodge in Rochdale by his father when was just 21 years of age. He subsequently joined East Lancashire Centurion Lodge in 1971 and became Worshipful Master of that Lodge in 1976. He was eventually promoted to Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden and in 1991 again promoted to become a Grand Officer in the acting rank of Assistant Grand Sword Bearer.

David became a member of Royal Arch, joining Social Chapter in 1996 and gaining the office of First Principal in 2003. He was later promoted to Provincial Rank as Past Provincial Deputy Grand Sword Bearer.

In November 2006, Sir David won a National Award for “Outstanding Leadership” sponsored by the Daily Telegraph. He was nominated as one of 100 of Britain’s most influential men and women in the Public and Private Sectors. He is married and has three sons. His wife, Lady Ruth Trippier is a practicing barrister on the Northern Circuit.

Brethren, our new Provincial Grand Master is a highly respected Man in the community and indeed the country and the province of East Lancashire and the many members of Freemasonry in the province can look towards an exciting and interesting future under WBro Sir David Austin Trippier guidance.

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