Authentic 1759 Initiation Ceremony

Pendleside Lodge of Installed Masters 9111 invite you to witness a demonstration of an authentic 1759 Initiation ceremony at Burnley Masonic Hall on 19th January 2012 tyling at 7:00pm. The display will be delivered by the newly reformed 1759 Demonstration Team, of which several of its members are from Pendle Lodge.

The demonstration takes place in full 18th century dress with props and ritual from that era. It’s a spectacular masonic evenings entertainment and you are strongly encouraged not to miss this first time appearance. 

Contact Steven Howarth by phone 01282 777 666  or mobile 07817 537 051

John Hudson on 01282 618949, mobile 07967475730,

2 thoughts on “Authentic 1759 Initiation Ceremony

  1. The practise went well last night but we still have the hurdle of full dress rehearsal to contend with. The 1759 ceremony really has been a task to take on board, and for it to be delivered with the correct amount of historical pageantry and dialogue will be a big ask of the team. We had the Grand Master himself Stuart Jackson with us last night, who, even at this stage, offered his comments and put us right on a couple of vague issues of the written ritual.
    We have all had a great time putting this together, with some big surprises on sourcing wardrobe and chattels coming from e-bay and the homes, cellars, lofts and sheds of the brethren. Its amazing what junk you keep. We are all now looking forward to applying the final finishes to the ritual and having a couple of rehearsals in full regalia and costume. Our wardrobe Mistress has excelled in her art and one or two of the costumes really will impress on the night. The star of the performance is nothing but a natural acting talent. You will have to see who that turns out to be.


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