New picture gallery added

There is now a gallery of images taken at the final dress rehearsal of the 1759 demonstration team. It took place at Burnley Masonic Hall on Friday 13th January in front of an audience of wives and partners. The image quality is not that great due to candle lighting and indoor lighting quality, but it gives you a good idea of how the players look on the night. They can be viewed by visiting the Picture Galleries page and clicking on the link.

2 thoughts on “New picture gallery added

  1. Hi Bob, this web site is the start of things to come. Lets hope that other lodges call on your advice and support to get them going with their own web-sites – Eddie Forkgen Lodge/Chapter 116


    1. Thanks Eddie, glad you like it. Maybe a district wide website that hosted all lodge websites on a single front page with access to all comments and events being visible to every mason in the district, now that could be useful, instead of relying on twitter or facebook to provide the social interaction side of the net.
      When is the next 1759 practice do you know?


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