Ritual coming along nicely

Thanks to the brethren who had a close look at the ritual last night and helped in making the, surprisingly very few, changes that were required. It is painfully obvious that our current written version of Pendle Lodge ritual is not quite there, and the sooner we get back to our original workings the better for everyone concerned, especially the brethren in office.

It is intended that over the coming few weeks, whilst we practice our Passing Ceremony, we use the on-line ritual and make real-time changes and correct irregularities as we go along. The changes can then be reflected almost instantly here on the website. Hopefully by the time we have worked the ceremony in February we shall have a very close if not perfect rendition of our Pendle Lodge workings.

The same process of correction can take place throughout the year and all ceremonies brought back into line by November for the Installation. This can only be achieved if we all accept that change is good and are prepared to make the effort not only to identify any errors but also accept the change and take on board that extra work may be required.

We will rely heavily on our past masters for guidance.

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