2012 Short Paper Competition Announced

The Province of East Lancashire has announced its short paper competition for 2012. The idea of the competition is to generate interest in masonic research and the writing of short lectures, or papers. Hopefully this will encourage new writing and presentational skills to come to the fore and replace or add to the long list of lectures and presenters currently operating the circuit within East Lancashire. The benefit to all brethren of those interested in masonic research is one of education and the spread of enthusiasm and interest in our craft. It can only strengthen our understanding and make our meetings more enjoyable and interesting.

The very first competition in 2011 proved a major success with nearly 30 new papers submitted for consideration. These came from members of Lodges and chapters in the Province with the standard of entries being very high. The 2012 competition is now launched and the closing date for entries is 30th June 2012.

So there you have it. Any budding Masonic historian, or capable writer for that matter, who may be interested in writing a short lecture on his favorite aspect of Freemasonry is asked to submit their entries                      to Fred Lomax by e-mail.

Full details of the competition can be found on the Provincial Website at Short Paper Competition.

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