District Quiz Night at Padiham Masonic Hall

The ever popular district Quiz night will be held at The Masonic Hall 22 Moore Lane Padiham on Saturday 25th February starting at 7:00pm for 7:30pm. There will be a supper of Pie and Peas included in  the entry fee of £5.00 per person. Teams of six are welcomed and each lodge can have as many teams as they wish. It would be great of we had every lodge in the district represented and playing for the coveted winners cup.

Further details from Pete Brennand 01706 210 064 or visit www.pglel.co.uk

Pendle Lodge members please leave a comment and lets get a couple of teams together.

3 thoughts on “District Quiz Night at Padiham Masonic Hall

  1. Right, Pendle Lodge team is sorted. We trust there will be a good turnout from the district and other lodges. Looking forward to a great evening.


  2. Is there anyone else attending this quiz night. We can have as many teams as we can put up. It would be great to win the cup for Pendle Lodge. Leave a comment if you are on board.


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