Lets Talk Masonry Conference

Do you wonder if there is more to ritual than a book?
Do you want to understand more about symbolism?
Is Freemasonry a gentleman’s dining club or does it provide a route to making us better people and citizens?
What is Freemasonry and what was it set up to achieve?
How relevant is Freemasonry in the world today?

If you want the answers to all these questions and more, then you really need to book in for this amazing day.

The “Lets talk Masonry” Conference takes place at Hemsley House, Salford’s Masonic Hall on Saturday 24th March 2012 commencing at 9:30am to 3:50pm. Tickets are £16.00 per person and this includes the cost of the conference, notes, buffet lunch and tea and coffee. The bar will also be open and there is free secure parking in the grounds. The Deputy Provincial Grand Master W.Bro Derek Thornhill will be in attendance for the day.

For more information contact your Lodge or District Mentor or visit www.pglel.co.uk  To apply for tickets e-mail Peter Bibby or download the application form here and return it to Peter with your cheque.

It’s a great day out and it will certainly awaken your interest in ritual.

One thought on “Lets Talk Masonry Conference

  1. This conference is definitely not to be missed. It gets better every year and you will come away with a fresh view on what you thought you knew about masonry, along with a set of new questions to ponder on. Visit with a couple of close brethren and you will find the day becomes very enjoyable, you don’t all have to sit through the same lectures either, if you find a subject of interest you can attend whatever individual lecture you wish, it makes for some interesting debate at lunch time and on the drive home. There is usually a library section in the main check in hall where you can purchase a wide range of books and lectures. All in all its a cracking day out and one that will fill you with renewed interest and passion for our craft. You will certainly see me there.


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