Walk the Province

Could I please bring to your attention the ‘Walk the Province’ initiative which was introduced last year to raise funds for the RMBI 2015 Festival. In aid of this the Burnley and Pendle District will be holding a sponsored walk on April 22nd 2012. Other Districts in the Province have already held their walks raising several thousands of pounds for this very worthwhile cause.

Our walk is being held under the patronage of Pendleside Lodge of Installed Masters No.9111. The reason for this being that in the past we have received approx. £2000 a year from the ‘shoot’ the majority of which we donate to the Festival. Unfortunately this year that money will not be forthcoming so hopefully monies raised by the walk will go, in no small way, to make up this loss.

The walk will follow the course of the canal from Barrowford back to Burnley Masonic Hall a distance of 8 miles. Brethren and family members intending to take part will be bussed from Burnley Masonic Hall to Colne Masonic Hall where the walkers will then proceed via Barrowford Rd. to meet the canal at Barrowford Locks.

For those wishing to take part and to add to your enjoyment there will be an ‘I Spy’ type of quiz along the route and food and liquid refreshment will be available once back at Burnley Masonic Hall. A sponsorship form is attached and further forms can be obtained from the Provincial website under,’RMBI Festival/Walk the Province’. Forms are also available from our lodge charity steward, Philip Preston.

May I respectfully suggest that if you do not intend to walk that you sponsor someone who is. I myself shall be walking as Worshipful Master of the lodge and will be grateful for as much sponsorship as I can receive in the name of Pendleside Lodge of Installed Masters.

Please support the RMBI 2015 Festival by sponsoring or being sponsored on what will no doubt, be a very enjoyable day out.

John Hudson WM Pendleside Lodge of I.M.

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