Quiz Night raises £370.00

Unfortunately our star player Roy Langtree wasn’t feeling too well and was unable to attend  the District Quiz Team. Nevertheless a team of 4 made up of one Pendle Lodge member and a guest plus our wives turned up to partake in the spoils of the victor.

Its been a while since paying a visit to the Masonic Lodge in Padiham so it was nice to re-acquaint ourselves with the layout and facilities within the building. It’s not a bad masonic Hall at the end of the day. Parking is a bit scarce but that’s not such a big deal.

There was a decent attendance for the quiz and even the organiser Pete Brennand was more than happy with the turn out and the number of teams hoping for victory. Looking at the list on the score board revealed 12 teams had registered and that the rule of having a silly name for the team had taken precedence over the Lodge or chapter title. Made for much better fun during the evening.

Each team had the opportunity to play a “Joker” during one of the rounds to double up on points. It really made little difference what round you picked as the title of the round gave little away as to the type of question you would be answering.  We were lucky with our joker  and managed to take 18 points from the round.

Hunger pangs started to kick in after the first few rounds and the supper of Pie and peas was well received. The bar at Padiham is well stocked and adequately staffed leading to plenty of wine beer and spirits being drunk during the evening.

Second half was a little more intense as the scores on the board started to add up. the music round was probably the most difficult with volume difficulties leading to some teams not able to hear the music. It all worked out well in the end though.

By the time all the jokers had been played and the music round had come to a conclusion all that was left was to draw the raffle and announce the winners. David Biggs, the District Chairman, finished of by announcing we had raised a total of £370.00 to go towards the Festival funds and that the winning team was called “the Odd half Dozen” with a total of 128 points.

To put things into perspective, there really was no runaway winner, and it was down to the wire up to the last round. Pendle Lodge with a team of four managed a respectable 3rd place and we even won one of the raffle prizes.

All in all a great night at Padiham and a lot of fun was had by all attending.

See pictures from the evenings activities in the latest picture gallery.

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