Visit to Brierfield Lodge Installation 20th March

Brethren, we will be visiting Brierfield Lodge 7560 on the 20th March. It’s their Installation meeting and an opportunity for us to visit a lodge on our own turf rather than a far-flung corner of the empire. The dining fee is £14.00 per person and they tyle at 5:00 pm on this occasion

As DC I will be asking for names in advance so that we can inform the Lodge secretary for catering purposes. The brethren of Brierfield Lodge are a lively bunch and we will enjoy their installation with them. Master Masons and below are encouraged to attend to experience the top end of craft masonry.

Get the date in your diary now or confirm your attendance by leaving a comment below.

3 thoughts on “Visit to Brierfield Lodge Installation 20th March

  1. The list of brethren attending so far are as follows
    Bob Summers, Roy Langtree, Mark Barlow, Jack Day, Kevin Pickering, Ian Salthouse and the WM Jim McNally.


  2. Hi Bob, look forward to seeing you there. In case you haven’t seen the summons yet, we tyle at 5 pm. Dining fee is £14, other than your WM who would be a guest of the Lodge.


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