The Future of Freemasonry

An effective promotional tactic, if you are planning for future success is to first establish where you are and how you are perceived. This will then enable you to plan an effective strategy and have a clear understanding of the route required to achieve that goal.

The United Grand Lodge of England is fast approaching its 300th anniversary and has commissioned a report by the “The Social Issues Research Centre”  to look at “The Future of Freemasonry”

The report covers the camaraderie we all enjoy as Freemasons along with our charitable giving and the ritual aspect of the craft, the public’s view of Freemasonry and how we are perceived  by them in the 21st Century.

It makes interesting reading and I recommend you do so at your earliest opportunity.

The report can be read here

One thought on “The Future of Freemasonry

  1. Definitely worth looking at – signs of progress from UGLE on opening up Freemasonry. The Grand Secretary should be commended for the work he is doing banging the drum for Freemasonry


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