Traditional History

U.G.L.E. stipulates that no Master Mason is entitled to receive his Certificate from Grand Lodge until an explanation of our Traditional History has been delivered to him. Now that’s all well and good if you regularly perform the history at each and every raising ceremony, plus if you have a member capable of practicing the ritual.

Pendle Lodge will be delivering a rendition of the Traditional History at its lodge meeting on the second Thursday in May (10th) An invitation has been e-mailed to all lodge secretaries inviting any and all members of the district who have not received an explanation so far to get in touch with the District and Lodge Secretary of Pendle Lodge W.Bro. John Hudson to arrange attendance and catering.

There will also be included in the ritual an explanation of the M.M. apron and the third degree working tools.

This is an ideal opportunity to ensure your Master Masons are able to receive their Grand Lodge Certificates without delay.

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