Visit to Queens Jubilee

Our own W.M. W.Bro. Jim McNally is also in the chair of Queens Jubilee Lodge and as such its time we paid them a visit. The opportunity arises on April 4th when Jim and the officers of Queens Jubilee will be demonstrating a second degree ceremony. Bro Mark Barlow, our Senior Deacon, has volunteered to act as candidate,which should be an experience for him as the S.D. of Queens Jubilee is Godfrey Ayre.

Lets make this a visit in-depth and support our own WM whilst he is also in the chair of Pendle’s mother Lodge

2 thoughts on “Visit to Queens Jubilee

  1. Davids Turvey and Large, both of whom attended our joint ladies Evening with their wives, are visiting Queens Jubilee with us on April 4th. Both are masons in North Wales and have visited Pendle Lodge on several occasions.
    Should be a good turnout for Queens Jubilee


  2. As well as Mark Barlow, who has volunteered to act as Candidate, I will also be attending.
    Being an ex member of Queens Jubilee I can guarantee you will have an enjoyable and relaxed masonic meeting.


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