Candidate interview went well

Its been a while since we had the pleasure of interviewing a potential candidate for Freemasonry, but I’m happy to say that last nights interview went without a hitch.

Our candidate presented himself very well and answered his questions with accuracy and sincerity, maybe that’s because of his job as an International Trainer and his experience addressing groups of people in varying situations. I’m confident that his future conduct in the lodge will be just the required level that Pendle Lodge expects.

On his way home he mentioned how overwhelmed he was with greetings and friendliness from the brethren and how pleased he was being accepted for proposal into the Lodge.

Dont know if anyone spotted this, but Ian still had his motorcycle boots on, after riding from work on his Honda GoldWing. He unfortunately forgot to pack his shoes.

We are all looking forward to welcoming him into the Lodge in September and perhaps this will encourage a few other to pop the question of their prospective candidates.



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