Play Your Cards Right!

We have organised a social night to take place at the Masonic Hall in Nelson. Saturday 21st April.
The Theme of the evening is PLAY YOUR CARDS RIGHT hosted by our very own Glyn Lund. Make sure you have the odd £1 coins if you wish to take part. There will also be a FUN QUIZ with Music by Ian Salthouse.
We can promise you an excellent buffet consisting of cold meats, salads, hot potatoes and more courtesy of Mark Barlow who has volunteered to do this with his Wife Debby.

There will also be a raffle and would gratefully except any donations as prizes.
Tickets for the evening Brethren are £5.50 which is great value for great entertainment and food. Please contact Kevin Pickering on 07971648126 or Mark Barlow on 07793825260 for your requirements.

The evening starts at 7:00 pm  and is open to all friends and family.

Look forward to seeing you all there.


3 thoughts on “Play Your Cards Right!

  1. Congratulations to you all on providing us with a night of fun. Firstly it was nice for the wives and partners to catch up on all their news. Secondly it was nice to have a social evening at the Lodge. Special mention must go to Glyn (call me a taxi) Lund for the way he hosted Play Your Cards Right. It certainly kept everyone amused and entertained. Ian (I now have Abba music) Salthouse did a splendid job providing the music. Kevin (I’ve got a Neat Idea) Pickering and Mark (we’ll soon get started) Barlow did a wonderful job with the raffle and getting people involved in the games. A special mention must also go to Harry (the best barman in the area) Lord for keeping everyone’s glasses filled at reasonable prices.
    As for the buffet – well what can you say! There was an abundance of everything and it was all good. The doggy bags were full on leaving as well.
    Perhaps the only downside was that there were not more people present but at the end of the day they missed out on a good night. For £5.50p the evening was certainly a bargain.
    Congratulations again on providing a good night and also raising money for charity. Let’s hope the evening was the first of many to come and that next time those who were not present this time may turn up to appreciate the work you put in.


  2. Sorry chaps, Jackie and I are away with our bike club that weekend in Chester. Promise to bring a couple of decent Raffle prizes for you tonight. Make use of them as you see fit.
    Have a great night and will somebody get some pictures for me please to include on the website.



  3. Already got my tickets. Carole and I are looking forward to what I’m sure will be an excellent evening amongst good company. I hope you get the support you deserve and that this event will lead to more social gatherings which can only lead to a thriving Lodge.


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