Visit to Marsden within Pennine Valley Lodge 6183

Marsden within Pennine Valley Lodge meeting on the 24th April will be our third outing of our newly initiated visiting programme.  The ceremony is planned to be a passing, but is subject to their candidates schedule and availability. Either way we shall have a good night.

Numbers so far have been good and Pendle Lodge has been represented fairly well at the previous lodges we have visited. I know this is only our third outing, but it is becoming obvious who the regular visitors are. Thank you to those brethren who are taking the time to have a great masonic evening at other lodge meetings, and for those who just don’t manage to get their, you are missing out on a lot of fun.

Don’t wait to be asked, just turn up and represent your Lodge at any of the meetings held within Nelson Masonic Hall. Check out the Calendar page here on the website for all the meeting dates and times and keep an eye on the countdown timer at the bottom right of the page. It will tell you where our next visit is taking place and how many days left prior to the outing.

Lets make this a good one.

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