Approved by PGLEL

Provincial Grand Lodge approval for our Pendle Lodge website has finally been awarded. Its great news and an accolade we should all be proud of.

The East Lancashire Provincial Grand Lodge website icon is now in place at the bottom left of the home page, along with the required link to the site. Most importantly  now has a link back from PGLEL which should bring more interested visitors back to our site.

Approval from UGLE is still pending, with a massive backlog awaiting attention, but rest assured we are on the to-do list and we should receive notification in the coming few  months.

Well done to all our contributors.

4 thoughts on “Approved by PGLEL

  1. Really pleased we received PGLEL approval. Its taken quite some time and a fair amount of work on the website. Thanks to those who have commented and had an input into the sites development so far. Fingers crossed UGLE have the same opinion.


    1. Thanks Ed. It really is quite simple to create a website using the wordpress platform, and its not just me. The site depends heavily on its contributors and just wouldn’t work without them. Let me know if you need any help putting yours together.
      Ordered the item from the link you sent me by the way. Hope its better than the original I have


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