Site visits exceed 20,000

Compared to other sites it’s not exactly a massive figure, but considering the website is only 12 months old and the number of Freemasons in the district and Province I think the Pendle Lodge website is doing pretty well.

Thanks to all those who have commented and signed up to receive e-mail updates on the site, of which we now have 61 followers.

We are also now visible on Facebook and Twitter which in return brings us lots of web traffic. However, as always I am looking for additional editorial and input into our website. If you have anything to contribute please let me have it via the contact page, or better still, if you want to cut your teeth as a web assistant editor I am more than happy to issue you log on details to create your own pages and posts.

Give it some thought, it’s really not that complicated, and if you can create word docs and compress images your 90% of the way there. Plus there is lots of online help freely available, in the form of tutorials.

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