Eight Pendle Lodge visitors make it to Brierfield

Eight visitors in total, not a bad turn out at all, thanks for supporting your building.

The evening was very convivial with the Lodge taking great pride in welcoming W.Bro David Biggs into their midst as a Grand Officer, we all rose and saluted him three times with EA honours. What followed was 20 short questions and answers on Freemasonry, which were proposed and responded too by the officers of Brierfield Lodge. In fact it was quite an entertaining evening with the questions and answers promoting all sorts of further conversation at the social board. W.Bro Bob Summers gave greetings from Provincial Grand Lodge and  Bro. Jim Duerden responded for Pendle Lodge visitors.

We had Ham Egg and Chips for the meal followed by a very sweet sticky toffee pudding, the stuff that dreams are made of. W.Bro David Biggs responded to the first three toasts of the evening and regaled us of his trip to Grand Lodge in London

Kevin Pickering responded to the visitors toast, after a timely tip-off by the DC that it could be his turn. Mike Landriau did his usual mathematical trick with the number of the lodge and even managed to include some of the math from the Q&A session onto his clever toast to the visitors. Kevin being ever prepared had his response ready and made a good fist of his first visitors response.

It was a pleasant evening and surprisingly still light by the time we left the building.

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