We went Crown Green Bowling

One of the oldest buildings in Burnley is that which forms part of the Greenhill Bowling club, it appears on maps dating back as far as the 17th Century. But enough of that, members of Pendle Lodge, none of them going back anywhere near that date, gathered at the Manchester Road Bowling Club to enjoy a social evening of  bowling and supper.

The building is a real gem, and if you have never visited the club it comes as no surprise. The sign is difficult to spot and the entry to the club is easy to miss as you travel up Manchester Road. However when you do arrive, it is a well set out club, with plenty of parking, a well stocked bar, and a full size snooker table. The real treat is the bowling green, its surface is perfect and the grass is manicured to perfection, none of that really mattered as the skills of those bowling certainly caused a lot of laughter and some very widely spread woods across the green.

We made our camp in the adjacent players hut and had refreshments and biscuits whilst those wishing to try their luck on the green had a go. It came as no surprise that we didn’t have any natural bowling arms amongst us, apart from maybe that of Lynette Duxbury who is a dab hand at 10 pin bowling. It was a very pleasant evenings entertainment, the weather stayed dry and sunny and the bar was open for those wishing to partake in the odd pint of Lancaster Bomber Bitter.

We had quite a few visitors who couldn’t stay for the supper or later into the evening, but thanks must go them and to those who did attend and donate not only a raffle prize but also paid for their supper.

Special mention must also go to Greenhill Bowling Club staff for looking after us and providing our supper, and also Ian Jackson for arranging the event. The evening ended with everyone enjoying themselves in the bar and Ian announcing that there was a surplus of £80.00 going into our charity fund. Not a bad way to spend a Wednesday evening.

Pictures from the evening can be found here

One thought on “We went Crown Green Bowling

  1. Thanks everybody for a really enjoyable evening. It was nice to see Ian and Lynette there, I’m sure they are going to be a great asset to Pendle Lodge. Looking forward to September Ian when we can welcome you into the Lodge.
    Pity the numbers were low, those who didn’t come missed a very pleasant evening.


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