1759 Team get their own “Just Giving” Page

The 1759 Antient Masonic Demonstration Team, formed to raise money for the 2015 RMBI Festival have announced they now have their own “Just Giving” page on their website.

The “Just Giving” page allows them to receive donations on-line via the internet. Its aimed at those who have already attended one of their performances or indeed want to support them in reaching their £10,000 target for the 2015 festival.

Take a look, they are doing remarkably well so far.

2 thoughts on “1759 Team get their own “Just Giving” Page

  1. Well that bottle of whisky is still on my shelf. There only needs to be 6 more donations via the Just Giving Page and one of you will win the bottle. Matters not how large the donation is, only that you just donate. Got to be good odds at 10-1
    Give it a go.


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