Mark & Debbie 30th Wedding Anniversary – Pictures

It was a real pleasure to celebrate the 30th Wedding Anniversary of Mark & Debbie Barlow at their home recently.

Debbie as usual, with a reputation to maintain, laid on enough fabulous food for a provincial grand lodge meeting, such was the selection and quality. Wine , Beer and spirits were scattered around the garden at various seating locations whilst Ian Salthouse with his music machine set up in Mark’s garage. It really is an Aladdin’s cave of real man stuff, including a TVR a Porsche and a MG in the process of renovation, along with all the tools, drills and milling machines you could shake a stick at.

Many thanks to Ian,  Kath and Walter for the pictures. Enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “Mark & Debbie 30th Wedding Anniversary – Pictures

  1. A bench mark party, I dont think it could have been any better, Good food and good company. Thank you Mark and Debbie.


  2. It was a good night and as the post says the food was excellent. God help those that volunteered for the job of clean up Sunday Morning. Although I suspect, seeing as the sun was shining, there would still have been plenty of rewards available.
    Thanks Mark and Debbie, lovely evening


    1. Thank you to everyone that came to our wedding anniversary, we had a great time and hope everyone who came had as good an evening as we did.
      Once again thank you all.
      Mark and Debbie


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