Roy Langtree doing well

W.Bro. Roy Langtree, who recently received a fem-pop bypass operation at Blackburn Royal infirmary, is doing rather well and recovering nicely. As you know Roy had to wait a little longer for his operation than was comfortable for him, and he endured quite a lot of pain before being admitted into Hospital. He appeared very chirpy in his Hospital bed and enquired how the committee meeting had gone. He is certainly looking forward to becoming WM of his beloved Pendle Lodge for a, unique in its history, third time.

He is now eagerly awaiting visitors to Ward C18 and would welcome any and all of you to pay a visit.

One thought on “Roy Langtree doing well

  1. Roy is now out of Hospital and spending a couple of weeks at his sons to recover. He’s looking forward to our September Meeting and getting back to the Lodge.


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