3 Generations at Borough & Ashlar Initiation

Just thought I would let you know that Borough & Ashlar Lodge have an extra meeting for 1st Wednesday in Sept which is the 5th. It is an initiation; the candidate is the son of the Secretary WBro Jeff Bradshaw and of course the Grandson of WBro Harold Bradshaw. Point of interest is Harold propsed 6 candidates all of whom went through the chair. His son Stephen is Steward at Ashday Lea and his other son Alan was steward for many years at Nelson House. On the night it is hoped most of Harold’s candidates will be there and it will also mean there will be 3 generations of Bradshaws as members.

B&A are keen to arrange a visit to Pendle Lodge later in the month to witness our new candidate’s initiation, consequently a visit by Pendle to B&A on the 5th would be a good first step.

I will be taking names of those who wish to attend over the next couple of weeks, let me know.

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