Next Nelson Masonic Hall Visit

The regular inter-lodge visits within Nelson Masonic Hall have proved to be a lot of fun and have encouraged visitors from other lodges to visit Pendle Lodge in return. Numbers have increased at the social board and the atmosphere transformed. Last months initiation being one fine example.

The next visit is to Queens Jubilee Lodge 2193 on Wednesday 3rd October. The meeting is a business lodge and they will be conducting that quite quickly, as for the social board, John Hudson, the secretary, has arranged a Chinese Experience for those wishing to attend. It should be a good evening and already we have 5 names of brethren from Pendle Lodge. Remember that our own W.M. Jim McNally is also in the chair of Queens Jubilee and I’m sure he would appreciate a good response from us all, seeing as this will be one of the last times he sits in that chair.

Leave a comment or let me know if you wish to attend, there is a meal price of £8.50 on this occassion, but it could be less if more turn up.

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