Final outing for Demo Team

The Pendle Lodge junior brethren demonstration team is back in action, this time demonstrating their skills and reciting, in catechetical format once again the first and second sections of the first degree lecture at Temple Lodge 4963 Haworth, in the Province of Yorkshire West Riding The lodge tyles at 6:30 pm on Tuesday 9th October

This outing will be the last performance of the current team as Kevin will be leaving the country shortly and Mark and Ian are committed to the 1759 Ancient Masonic Ritual Demonstration team

Visitors and supporters are guaranteed a good night along with what is always a sumptuous dinner after the proceedings.

Congratulations must go to the 4 members of the team for their dedication and hard work in learning all the ritual required, plus their mentor and driving force behind the team W.Bro Ron Atherton, who has been involved with the performance for very many years. I’m sure the team will be back with new members in future. 

3 thoughts on “Final outing for Demo Team

  1. Well done the five of you, anyone who has been to see this being done will know the amount of time and learning this would take to do as well as you do it. Thanks again.


    1. Agree with you Walter. The team had a lot of fun pulling the ritual together, but actually performing it on the night in front of a large audience can be quite daunting. Glad they had the opportunity to experience the skills required to be part of the team, it puts them in good stead for future ritual on the floor. Good to see they are all still committed to the 1759 ancient ritual team though.


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