Chinese steal the show at Queens Jubilee

The Lodge meeting prior to Installation is always a business Lodge, and Queens Jubilee’s meeting last night was exactly that. Our Mother Lodge is a little low on membership these days, a far cry from when it was Queens Jubilee who made the decision to form our very own Pendle Lodge due to the high number of candidates waiting to join, however those that remain are a content bunch who enjoy their Queens Jubilee freemasonry tremendously. They are always open to receive visitors and their meetings are always happy occasions  and last nights was no exception.

Jim Mcnally, recently returned from holiday to Turkey, had the evening off so to speak, whilst W.Bro. Ian Jackson took the chair and conducted the business of the evening. The usual suspects remained in office whilst the Master Elect was W.Bro. Bob Parsons. Good to see Bob going into the chair of Queens Jubilee. A couple of Pendle Lodge officers stood in as Inner Guard (Roy Langtree) and DC (Bob Summers), making the 10 or so Pendle Visitors feel very much at home.

 Maureen excelled herself with the Chinese mealThe pinnacle of the evening, and secretly why several visitors had attended, was the Chinese food at the social board. Maureen Haworth, excelled herself and came up with three dishes of typical oriental cuisine, sweet & sour pork, green Thai chicken curry and a Chinese stir fry, along with a rice dish.   Maureen admits it was a little out of her comfort zone but it went down a storm. Several brethren had more than one plateful, such was the quality and quantity of the dishes.

W.M. Jim McNally, realising this was his last lodge meeting in the chair, took the opportunity to thank his officers of the year and explained how privileged he felt to have been Worshipful Master in both Queens Jubilee and Pendle Lodge for two years at the same time.

It was still quite early by the time the Tyler’s toast was proposed, but the brethren had had their fill and enjoyed the evening, so there was nothing wrong with that.

One thought on “Chinese steal the show at Queens Jubilee

  1. Actually a very enjoyable evening. Had to work for my supper as DC both in the lodge and at the social board,but made up for it though with two plates of excellent Chinese food.
    Its always nice to visit Queens Jubilee, and I’m not saying that just because I’m a past W.M. of the lodge but because there is a relaxed atmosphere when they meet, and the brethren are a content and happy bunch, and where else would you get to hear the inimitable Godfrey Ayre, of ancient and almost royal bloodline, propose a toast to masonic charities. It works for me anyway.
    One thing though, how come George, who doesn’t even drink whisky, continues to win the stuff on regular occasions. Makes no sense, perhaps not drinking it is the way to win.


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