Joan Bideau Smith’s special addition to Christmas Raffle

Joan Bideau Smith, the wife of Ken Smith, regularly provides spectacular prizes for raffles from her gallery of her own hand crafted pottery. Joan has a talent for fine art and her work can be found not only in high class galleries in the local area but also in exhibitions and shows throughout the country.

This particular piece, named “Clown Ball” would set you back the princely sum of £110.00 at any decent fine art outlet. But she has very kindly donated it as a prize for the Christmas Raffle. It could be yours for the cost of a £1.00 ticket

2 thoughts on “Joan Bideau Smith’s special addition to Christmas Raffle

  1. What great talent, and I don’t mean the photo of Joan though it is a good one. I did not know that Joan did this remarkable work. There is a film called Mr and Mrs Smith. They are a couple of assasin’s under it all. You never know do you. Just in case though, I think Ken and Joan are a great couple.


  2. My wife, Jackie has acquired a couple of Joan’s pieces over the years and they are treasured items. If she sees this; then more raffle tickets will have to be purchased.


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